Machine Room less Passenger Elevator

Machine Room less Passenger Elevator
Product Details

A remarkable style that suits the building. 

SGECpassenger elevator unifies form and function and is one of the best choices for mid- or low rise buildings. Its design options will match your building architecture, the machine room-less solution together with the leading technology in stability, space and energy efficiency make this product very popular globally, including fast-developing China market.

Solid performance

SGEC elevatorwas designed to meetGermanystandards of precision – reliability is built in.Enjoy worry-free operation day in and day out.

Green mobility

Engineered to be energy efficient and eco-friendly. A quieter ride means less noise pollution as well. SGEC elevatoris an A-classification elevator for energy efficiency .

Space efficiency

A larger car for the same shaft. Smaller technical components allow roomier car dimensions and more personal space for passengers.

Choice of design

Choose an interior style from our ready-made deco lines or create your own. Either way, it'sa perfect match.

Space configurability

Configure the dimension and technology of your elevator to best meet the requirements of your application. SGEC elevatorfits your needs, making your building work by optimizing space with excellent shaft utilization. Its machine room-less and mini machine-room solutions and flexible car sizes make it easy to meet special requirements of high-end office buildings and commercial projects.

High-level performance

Enjoy the faster and smoother ride. The new developments in traction media and control systems give you not only more speed, but also lets you handle more passengers and goods while providing optimal ride quality. With leading SGECtechnology, SGEC elevatorimproves greatly its capability of handling heavy traffic.

Freedom of design

Create the look and feel of your elevator just the way you imagine it. Our design lines give you the freedom of choice – from preconfigured cars to your own concept, from functional to sophisticate.

Energy Saving
The new generation of gearless tractor is quiet, maintenance-free, oil pollution-free, electro-magnetic pollution-free, energy-saving and with high driving efficiency. It inherits the large torque, strong driving, and stable property of the gearless tracks of SGEC.

Comfortable Experience
It's equipped with the best operating quality and property control software specialized for high-rises, ensuring the operating quality, so passengers can experience the safety, quiet, elegant and smooth ride.

Human Design
With more available elevator decoration and exquisite human-computer interface devices, you can share the special services of SGECin aspects of human-computer engineering design, spatial arrangement and decoration, building environmental design, coloring and psychological experience, etc.

Green Elevator, Healthy Life
The high-efficiency energy-saving elevator of SGEChas the outstanding properties of oil pollution-free, electromagnetic pollution-free, and low operating noise. It also adopts the energy-regenerating technology, which can provide clean and pollution-free regenerated energy to other electric appliances in the grid, saving the customers'consumption, as well as contributing to the carbon emission reduction and energy saving and environmental protection to the society. It completely satisfies the natural and healthy living requirements in the high-quality residential district, and is also the best choice for high-end office buildings, star hotels, and hospitals, etc.

Efficient Use Of Space
Put the elevator in the well,
Lifting the room space for the construction of constraints. 

Saving Construction Cost
All the equipment is installed in the well path, saving the cost for the construction business.

Unlimited Freedom For Architectural Design
Free room, architects or developers can make a more free design.

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