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Elevators were trapped what notification to alert the person on duty

Passengers can take the car on the operator control panel within the emergency intercom devices to building attendant for help. Emergency intercom unit located above the car control panel, is a "call" or "alarm" pattern button. Press the button, and the attendant calls.

If the button no response, passengers can call the car on a safety inspection certificate "maintenance calls" car nameplate or on the "urgent call" to the professional maintenance personnel for help. If the telephone is disconnected, passengers can call 119 or 110, report to a public-aid agencies. Elevators after power outage or power outage, emergency lights in the car will automatically light up, passengers can use emergency lights glow, and making alarm calls. If the emergency light is not lit, passengers can make use of other light sources (such as screen brightness), looking for alarm button or phone number, the police for rescue in a timely manner.